Computer Features

Features of Computer:

Computer having various features capable of  receiving, processing and Storing .It can easily perform various and wide range of  work from simple work to complex . The key features of computer  are
1. Speed :   computer can process data very  fast with millions of instructions per seconds.
2. Accuracy: It provide a high degree of accuracy and responds to the users as per input instruction.
3. Memory: It  is used to store data . There are two main types of memory: Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read -Only Memory (ROM).
4. Versatility: It can wide and various tasks  and can be used in  various fields such as education, research and business. It has revolutionized the working way at present age of technology.
5. Diligence: It is the quality of being careful, free from tiredness  and can work for hours without creating error . It is essential for maintaining  the reliability and integrity of computer system.
6. Secrecy: It helps in reduce leakage of information by creating login system with strong password protection.
7. Plug and Play: It have the ability to  configure automatically  hardware and software components.
computer features
Features of Computer

Other important features :

Processing Power: Vast amount of data at incredible speed are designed to process and  processing power is measured in gigahertz   and it determines how quickly computer can execute tasks.
 Connectivity: Computer can connect to other devices through various ways. This helps users to access and communicates with others and share data as well.
Upgradability: Computers can be upgraded  to improve performance and its functionality with additional hardware components.
Portability: They are in various sizes and form such laptops, desktops, tablets. Users choose a device that best fits their needs for performance and portability.
Display: Computer have high -resolution displays which allow the users to view images, videos and text . Display size vary from small laptops to large desktop monitors .
Computer which is truly an amazing machine.  It has the ability to process a large amount of information and data and perform various important calculation accurately and  properly.  Computer is multitasking allowing the users to work on various projects around the world.
Computer can  be properly  upgraded with the new  hardware and software which helps in improvement in performance.
Computer can store a large amount of information and data with various form which helps  people easy to store and navigate.
  In short we can conclude that computer having various features and works with much speed and accuracy compared with humans.  Speed, accuracy, versatility and diligence are the main features of computer.

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