Uses of Computer in Business

 INTRODUCTION: Computers are the modern tool for carry businesses of all sizes. This helps in increase profitability and increase productivity. It is used to manage data with proper  interaction with customer. In business it helps in building relationships with customers, communicate effectively with proper analyzing of data and has  became an important tool in modern … Read more

Importance of Computer Education

Introduction: Computer Education includes the basic knowledge of computer and terminologies related to the computer system. At everywhere  computers are used  to solve the problem according to instruction given to it. It is the process of learning computer. It has became an integral part of  our life.  Computer Education   Importance of computer Education: It … Read more

Computer Revolution

 Computer advantages and disadvantages: The computer is truly an amazing machine. It has bring people closer and  together. The greatest things that man has ever created is ‘the Computer’. It solves a range of problems and saves time, money and efforts. Providing us with multiple benefits from  efficiency productivity to improved access to information , … Read more

Computer Features

Features of Computer: Computer having various features capable of  receiving, processing and Storing .It can easily perform various and wide range of  work from simple work to complex . The key features of computer  are 1. Speed :   computer can process data very  fast with millions of instructions per seconds. 2. Accuracy: It provide a … Read more